Getting Started / Bad Romance

Hey guys! I’m starting up this blog to show y’all some of my experiences doing hair and makeup for photography and film.

For this “Lady Gaga- Bad Romance” inspired shoot, I did my own hair/makeup and my twin sister ( took the photos. First, I’ll show you a still from the video so you know what we were going for. Here is the queen, herself-


The next step was to get some makeup going that would imitate those crazy eyes. (and what would a gaga inpsired shoot be without some crazy hair?) This is the unedited version to show you how I did the makeup.

(click to enlarge)

Okay so now with a bit of alexa’s photoshop wizardry, she blurred the line between my actual eye and my fake homemade eye. She enlarged my pupil and there you have it. Lady Gagagenna.

(click to enlarge)

Subscribe to my blog! I’ll be updating this thing every time I do an interesting shoot! And also check out a couple of sites-

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