Jacqueline Tew: Washed Up

My sister and I went to Wilmington, NC over the weekend to shoot the next installment of Jackie’s near death series. In this chapter, Jackie washes up unconscious on the beach. So my goal for her makeup was to make her look natural & beautiful and also make her look like she had been chillin in the ocean for an extended period of time. Before destroying her makeup and smearing it all over her face (in the ocean), lex snapped a few pre-ocean for my makeup blog. She’s so pretty- Sup covergirl!

And here is one with her eyes closed so you can see more of the makeuppp:

And here is Jackie and I messing up her makeup for the actual shoot. She’s a trooper- She let me put a hairpiece that i made of seaweed and shells and sand in her hair… it was pretty gross but looked awesome.

Fake lashes and the ocean don’t make a good team at all. >.<

Here is the completed chapter of Jackie’s story (Model: Jacqueline Tew | Photographer: Alexa Poletti | Hair & Makeup: Genna Poletti):

As you may have heard, Alexa (http://alexapoletti.wordpress.com) and Subreen Davis (http://subreenmkupartistry.wordpress.com) and I are teaming up for a super awesome secret series. We are doing the first shoot tomorrow and then the cat will be out of the bag. I hope yall are as excited as we are!! Check back because I’ll be posting those tomorrow night 🙂

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