pretty widdle swan

Sunday was such a busy day for us. Subreen ( went to do the hair and makeup for a wedding in downtown Charlotte and I went to watch/assist/etc. The bride and bridesmaids looked very beautiful… I’ll post pics when the photographer hooks it up. Then we russsshed up to Davidson and let the creativity flow…

Okay. Okay! I know we have been building up the “mystery series” on all of our blogs and facebooks. So now, the cat is out of the bag. Or… the swan is out of the bag i should say. Here are some photos from our amazing new ANIMAL INSPIRED series. Subreen Davis and Alexa Poletti ( and I have so much stuff up our sleeves (hahah get it. we all have sleeves!! okay, no? fine.) so I hope yall are as excited as we are. Subreen and I do both hair and makeup. So, for this project to work, we are switching off &/or collaborating on the total look. For the swan, Sub did her makeup and I did her hair. So… this entry is going to focus on her hairstyle. Future ones will be the other way around… you get the idea.

Anyways… The look we were going for with her hair was a slicked back elegant ponytail on the top but a giant ball of crazy looking curls on the bottom. Sierra had very long gorgeous hair. She was such a little doll. This is how her hair turned out:

We decided to leave a few dangling out of the bottom so she could pull it over her shoulders and stuff if she wanted to.

After all the prep work, these are the finished product of our beautiful swan. Introducing——

Model: Sierra Davis

Photographer: Alexa Poletti

Makeup Artist: Subreen Davis

Hair: Genna Poletti

Big thanks to Sierra, Alexa, and Subreen for this shoot!!! ❤

We are shooting more animals this weekend and possibly a different shoot for my new business cards. Who is excited??



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