My blog makeover is SOOOO cute! Thank you thank you thank you, Alexa!!!

So, in going along with my adorable blog makeover, I’m getting new business cards soon. They will be double sided to appeal to whoever/whatever the shoot or occasion is. One side will be this candyland shoot & the other will be a bride. By the way, along with photography, Alexa makes business cards for whoever/whatever. They are the cutest things in the world. Or toughest, if thats what you want. 🙂 She includes the cards in the price and takes care of everything- layout, fonts, logo, etc. You can find her contact info on her website at . This is how my card is going to look! It suits me. I LOVE IT.

So, I have been wanting to do a candyland shoot for a really long time. I recently came across the gorgeous Nancy Vang and thought her pretty little face would be perfect for this! Alexa shot it with the card in mind so thats why we went with the studio look. Skittles, lollipops, sparkles… go!

Here are the finished photos that are all over my blog/business card. Here they are larger for your viewing pleasure 🙂

We have two more shoots this weekend in our animal series with Subreen so check back!

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