Today we did another installment in our animal series. The crazy talented Jennifer Hoyle came up from South Carolina to be our dark, evil bee. On this shoot, Subreen did her hair and I did her makeup (switching off, remember?). We wanted to go for a very edgy, high fashion look so out came the ruler & other tools…

Our shoots are always really silly… Can’t have this little bee being too serious, ya know?

So after her hair and makeup was all done, we went down to the Davidson Community Garden. Apparently, in this garden,  you can go there and take tomatoes or whatever you need and you help pull weeds/water/plant/etc if you ever get a chance. “Take a little, give a little” type thing. So, when a whole bundle of tattooed girls and a really scary bee walk up to this garden, it was probably the highlight (as far as exciting things that happen there) of the gardens life. Anyways, this old man came up to us and said “Would one of you ladies mind watering some flowers?” as he pushed a giant hose towards us. I was like “…… ummmm okay?” So… Anyways, whoever takes a tomato from there next, you’re welcome.

And then he was like “Hey, do you think another one of them girls could water some plants too?” and i was like “SSUUUBBBREEEEENNNN!!!!!” hahaha she hates me now.

So anyways, after all this sillyness, the pictures turned out amazing. Of course. Thank you to Alexa Poletti for that!!

Model: Jennifer Hoyle

Hair: Subreen Davis

Makeup: Genna Poletti

Photographer: Alexa Poletti

Tomorrow is another animal shoot!! EEEEK busy weekend. Check back!

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