Panda nom nom

The newest from the animal series– miss Wendy Li as our cute little Panda! For this shoot, I did Wendy’s makeup and Subreen did her hair. We had this perfect bamboo garden to shoot this in, but we were torn with how to make the panda look. My best friend, Britni, has been wanting to see some giant anime-inspired eyes for a looong time so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out. Who doesnt love a cartoon panda?

well, arent those just the cutest things? speaking of cute things… back to Wendy Panda. I’m going to present the photos in kind of a weird order sooooo, um, suck it up. Here is cartoon panda!! (for you, britni <3)

These eyes are so cute but as we were shooting, we started to get really creeped out by them. Did you know that cartoon pandas can use cell phones?

hey, what happened to your lips?? been eating too many bamboo leaves? HUH?? time for a touch up, little panda.

Okay, so we got super creeped out by this cartoon face and Wendy is too cute to be modeling with her eyes closed. So… this calls for an on set makeover! *wink*

And then, a much more cute panda-like panda was born.


Model: Wendy Li

Makeup Artist: Genna Poletti

Hair: Subreen Davis

Photographer: Alexa Poletti

She had on SEVEN false eyelashes. hahaha. silly pandas.

More animals next week!! Until then- book a photoshoot with Alexa Poletti.

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One Response to Panda nom nom

  1. ~Flynn~ says:

    Wow. That is soooooo cool. Wish I was that creative!! XD luv it!

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