Fly, circus bird.

We have fallen pretty behind on our artsy animal series lately due to the amount of work we have been getting (by we, i mean Alexa Poletti, Subreen Davis, and myself). Aside from tons of photoshoots, Subreen and I also work as makeup artists in Sephora and Ulta so holidays are always a super busy time. On the other hand, I’ll gladly drop retail stuff to do freelancing stuff so if you have a shoot youre interested in doing, please give me (or lex) dates asap. Book fast– Photos make AWESOME christmas gifts. Parents love them! Anyways….

Swan, bee, panda, spider… Well, This one’s a bird. Our animal series continues (if you’ve missed the series, I linked the other animals) as my beautiful circus freak sister modeled for us while she was in town for Thanksgiving weekend. She had a bird costume (yeah, i dunno either??) and a hoop so we put her up in a tree and let her flexible circus stuff come to life.

Animal Series: Bird

Model: Jamie Poletti

Photographer: Alexa Poletti

Hair & Makeup Artist: Genna Poletti

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